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Structured Cabling

At BluDATA, we have team specialize in connecting fully integrated infrastructure solutions to maximize your investment and support your business vision. From cabling system design and configuration, video cabling, fiber optics, and rack/data cabinet cleanup to converged networking, server room solutions and voice communications. Our Structured Cabling Team provides all these fully comprehensive cabling solutions.

BluDATA can help its Client’s create and plan a system that reduces the need for moves, additions, changes, and upgrades. In addition to minimizing workflow disruptions to keep people productive, Clients will also save on reconfiguration and installation costs. Our structured cabling services are tested and/or certified to be functional to the highest level of performance and yet, internationally accredited, with standards compliance.

LAN & WAN Solutions

Implementation of complex and scalable networks begins with establishing strong and reliable network layers. With our extensive experience, global partnerships and the presence of a highly certified and skilled team of system engineers, we will design, implement and service networks for the Clients in UAE.

Wireless Networks Solutions

Wireless LANs are gaining popularity in meeting specific networking needs and business requirements of fast-paced organizations. By transmitting and receiving data over the air and minimizing the need for hardwired connections, BluDATA provides wireless LAN Solutions that are flexible, manageable and capable. These are data communication systems that are implemented as an extension, or alternative, to a wired LAN within a building or campus.

Systems & Storage

BluDATA recommends systematic approach to manage information for the rapidly growing businesses. We will do so by empowering IT infrastructure of our customers through costeffective and modular processing power, flexibility with a focus on the Total Cost of ownership. BluDATA provides Intel and AMD processor-based solutions which are designed to deliver outstanding performance and availability while offering simplified management and easy scalability.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a software-defined, unified system that combines all the elements of a traditional data center: storage, compute, networking and management. This integrated solution uses software and x86 servers to replace expensive, purpose-built hardware..

Desktops & Laptops:

Printers & MFP, from entry-level to heavy duty; from multi-function printers, to large format printers for plans & diagrams are all part of our portfolio. BluDATA provides solution that meet and addresses emerging requirements for design, management and documentation of high-quality, colored and even digitized plans.

BluDATA has an excellent and experience team.

BluDATA has an excellent and experience team of professionals from various background and academics. BluDATA is perfectly poised to partner the client’s business to new levels of efficiency, profitability and growth. Our capabilities span both the technology and design domains. We design and deliver industry proven and tested IT Solutions that enable our customers to manage and secure their e-business.